46 Stylish Shag Haircuts To Try

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The shag cut is back as medium shags!

You heard that right! Shaggy hair is back in fashion and fast getting to be perhaps the trendiest cut. However, prior, the shaggy cut was sported on short hair, presently, it’s more of a medium-length hairstyle. Before you raise your eyebrows, let me reveal to you a certain something – when you get the medium shag cut, your early daytime styling routine will never be the same!

If you are a DIY ruler, here’s how you can cut your hair in a basic shag cut. The pleasure is all mine!

How To Cut A Medium Shag Haircut

What You Need

Spray jug filled with water

Elastic bands


Hair-cutting scissors

How To Do

Hose your hair with the water spray.

Brush your hair and imprint how long you need your shag cut to be.

Accumulate all your hair and tie it in a high braid.

Take another elastic band and tie it at the imprint.

With a pair of scissors, cut your hair just beneath the elastic band.

Evacuate both elastic bands and check the layers.

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